Dried lime (also known as: black lime) is a lime that have lost their water content, usually after having spent a majority of their drying time in the sun. They are used, whole, sliced or ground, as a spice in Middle Eastern dishes. Originating in the Persian Gulf, hence the Persian name limoo amani (Omani limes), dried limes are popular in cookery across the Middle East.

Dried limes are used to add a sour flavor to dishes, through a process known as souring. In Persian cuisine, they are used to flavor stews and soups. Across the Persian Gulf, they are used cooked with fish, whereas in Iraq they are powdered and added to rice dishes and stuffing. Powdered dried lime is also used as an ingredient in Persian Gulf-style baharat (a spice mixture which is also called kabsa or kebsa). It is a traditional ingredient of Arabic and Persian cooking.

Health Benefits
Helps cure problems related to indigestion & constipation

Removes wrinkles & blackheads

Reduces dandruff & gives hair a natural shine

Eases pain of sunburn & bee stings