The most natural dried tomatoes are sun-dried tomatoes.

  • Sun-dried tomatoes are tomatoes that lack significant water content due to being dried via the sun, and it is the preferred method of drying tomatoes.
  • ‘Sun-dried tomatoes’ are also known as ‘sun dried tomatoes’ and ‘sundried tomatoes’, and the practice of drying tomatoes in the sun was originally done on roof riles and most likely originated in Italy, in Europe, for the purpose of preserving the tomatoes for use during winter.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes, prior to drying, are often salted, or gassed with sulphur dioxide, which improves the colour of the tomatoes and acts as a preservative.
  • Tomatoes usually need exposure to the sun for 4 to 10 days to become sun-dried tomatoes, and they will only weigh approximately 10% of their original weight.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes range in texture, colour, and size, along with the tomato variety used, and red plum tomatoes, like Roma tomatoes, are the most common tomato variety used.