Mandarin Oranges
It is smaller in size than regular oranges, and is characterized by easy removal of its peel and ease of removal of its cloves, and is characterized by its taste that is devoid of an acid taste, and tends to sweetness, and there are some strains of this type of orange, known as the Satsuma orange, and this type One of the most important types of fruits, from which fruit sugar can be extracted, is to increase the proportion of sugars in it and to reduce its seeds.

Product Name Mandarins
Season FebMar
Carton Net Weight Either 10kg open top carton for morcot or 15kg for minneoia
Total No. of Pallets in Container 20 pallets
Container Type 40 feet reefer Container
Total No. of Cartons per Container 1300 cartons for 15 carton and 2200 carton for 10kg
Available Counts 24/28/30/36/48/56/64/72